FlyView Paris Attraction Rules


These rules are applicable to individual or group visitors to the FlyView Paris site.

Welcome to FlyView Paris. For your safety and to make your visit enjoyable, we ask that you respect the following rules:


    1. Security control

For security reasons, upon entry to the site, visitors’ clothing, coats, bags and/or other personal effects are subject inspection, either visually or by means of specialist equipment. This is in accordance with France's national security alert system, “Vigipirate.”

Should the visitor refuse such an inspection, FlyView Paris reserves the right to deny them access to the site.

It is also forbidden to bring any objects into the site that represent a risk to the safety of persons or the building, and in particular:

  • Illegal or dangerous, explosive, flammable or volatile substances.
  • Dangerous objects, including all weapons, ammunition and knives of an offensive or defensive nature, whatever their category. Any type of object or toy with the appearance of a weapon (e.g. laser gun, pistol or dummy knife, etc.) likely to endanger the safety of visitors is legally excluded;
  • Alcoholic beverages or glass bottles;
  • Objects that may disturb the tranquility of visitors;
  • Any other object that FlyView Paris considers inappropriate or likely to disturb the smooth operation of the visit and tranquility of visitors.
    1. Bulky Items

Bulky, heavy and cumbersome objects are not recommended on-site. We recommend that you come without these objects or use the lockers provided for this purpose inside the site. Outside the lockers, FlyView Paris employees may not hold your items.

Small shopping carts and strollers are not allowed.


    1. Travel Equipment

It is forbidden to access the site or use within the site: roller blades, bicycles, scooters or any other means of transportation, whether motorized or not.

If a person’s health so requires, a wheelchair, whether motorized or not, may be used.


    1. Dress Code

Proper dress is required under all circumstances. Visitors must be wearing shoes, a top and bottoms. Access to the site may be refused if these clothing requirements are not met.





    1. Minors

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or responsible adult in order to purchase their admission ticket and access the site. Children must be under the constant supervision of said escorts, who remain responsible for any damage that they cause.

FlyView Paris reserves the discretionary right to deny access to children under 1.20 meters (4 feet) tall. As a result, children must have their height checked at the entrance to the attraction.

Regardless of their age, minors are under the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, who are responsible for any damage they may cause.

    1. Animals

Only officially recognized support animals are allowed. Animals must be kept on a leash and in the care of the owner.

    1. Validity of Admission Tickets

Visitors shall read and comply with the conditions of validity for access to the site. The Terms and Conditions of Sale can be consulted at

    1. Public Behavior

Visitors must comply with Laws and Regulations, and must not commit any criminal offense during their visit.

FlyView Paris reserves the discretionary right to refuse access to any person whose behavior is deemed likely to compromise their security, and/or that of other visitors.

While this list is not exhaustive, infringements such as insulting comments, verbal or physical violence, theft, disturbances of public order, fraud, scams, drunkenness, breaches of morality, discrimination or racism, malicious acts, failure to comply with safety regulations and the attraction rules, may lead FlyView to intervene and take the necessary measures. FlyView Paris will notify the police, and will be free to file a complaint against the offender. FlyView Paris may remove the offending visitor from the site without any compensation, refund or other recourse.

Visitors must respect the cleanliness of the premises and facilities for their pleasure and comfort.

For the comfort and safety of all, eating and/or drinking on-site is forbidden.

    1.  Site Evacuation

For security reasons or in the event of force majeure, FlyView Paris reserves the right to limit or refuse access to the site, or even to evacuate it.

    1. Theft and Damage to Visitors’ Property

FlyView Paris can in no way be held liable for the theft, loss or damage of your personal belongings within the site. We strongly recommend that you use the lockers provided at the entrance to the site after having been informed of the conditions of their use, and that you do not leave any valuable items.

FlyView is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage of your personal belongings within the site. We recommend that you use the lockers provided.



    1. Restrictions
      1. No smoking

The site is a non-smoking area. This regulation also applies to electronic cigarettes.

      1. No drinks or food to be consumed on site (no picnics)
    1. Video Protection

The site is equipped with a video-surveillance system that is operated by FlyView Paris. This video system is installed for the safety of people and property. FlyView Paris is responsible for managing the system in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Visitors retain their right of information and access with regard to images, via the Operations Department.

Tel: +33(0)183621236

    1. Lost Property

Visitors are reminded to keep their personal belongings with them during the visit. In the event that an item is lost or left behind, FlyView Paris will act in the most appropriate manner. Therefore, depending on the nature of the item and depending on security requirements, it may be kept pending a claim, or sent to the Lost and Found department.


    1. Visitor Participation

For safety reasons, to access and participate in the attraction, visitors must: have good levels of physical fitness; be in good health; not suffer from high blood pressure; not have any heart-, back-, or neck-related problems; not suffer from motion sickness or any other health condition or disability that may be aggravated by this adventure.

Restrictions based on these health and safety reasons do not constitute discrimination.

    1.  Morphology

Size restrictions are mandatory. Similarly, the configuration of the Jet Pack and attraction security features may prevent visitors with certain morphologies from taking part.

Upper body must be sufficient to maintain an appropriate position in the jet pack.

3.3 Access for Pregnant Women and Persons with Disabilities

Pregnant women and persons with permanent or temporary disabilities, as well as anyone who may benefit from the right of priority in the waiting room, are asked acquaint themselves with the risks, conditions, restrictions and formalities of access to our attractions, in the locations provided for this purpose or on our website before they arrive. 

One seat per room is available for reservation for people with reduced mobility.


    1. Illegal Selling and Handing out Flyers

In general, the sale of any goods and/or services within the site, as well as the distribution of fliers, leaflets and any other printed matter or signage by visitors is strictly prohibited. Reselling Park tickets is prohibited.

    1. Camera Work, Recording and Copies

Any image, video, sound and/or photograph taken by a visitor on site is only to be used for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes, except with the express, prior, written consent of FlyView Paris.

These Attraction Rules can be consulted on the website, in online sales and with employees in Visitor Relations.

We hope you enjoy your visit!